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Often the first port of call for people experiencing a panic attack or other traumatic events. These services give people the chance to “reach out” and the sound of a gentle but anonymous voice cannot be underestimated in times of crisis. These services also provide the caller with information regarding the next step to take once the crisis has subsided.
Organisation Tel Remarks
Anxiety Help Line 1800-101-108 Part of the Lifeline organisation. Dedicated 24- hour line for people experiencing anxiety attacks.
Operators are trained counsellors. In addition to crisis counselling, an information package concerning cause and treatment of anxiety disorders is sent to callers.
Crisis Care 9325-1111 24- hour telephone information and counselling service to help children, adolescents, and adults with personal difficulties.
Mental Health Line 1800-220-400 Provides 24- hour referral centre for people with mental disorders.
Psychiatric Emergency Team 9227-6822 Provides a 24- hour psychiatric emergency assessment and advisory service to assist mental health clients and their carers.
Phones operated by a team of experienced community mental health nurses and a psychiatrist.
The Samaritan Befrienders 9381-5555 Anonymous 24- hour telephone support for anyone who needs someone to listen to without criticism or judgement. Also individual face to face counsellin


Self help is defined as people with common interests or disadvantages joining together in groups to support each other and to lobby, advocate and educate on their own behalf. Members of properly conducted groups are comforted to realise that they are not alone and the sharing experiences assists in finding alternative ways to deal with their problems. Self help groups generally meet regularly, invite guest speakers to meetings and often publish a newsletter for those members unable to attend meetings.
Membership fees are usually nominal.
Organisation Address Tel Remarks
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Self Help Group
C/O WISH 9273-8622 Provides assistance for OCD sufferers and their families.
Anxiety Self Help Association (ASHA)
(Formally PADAWA)
P. O. Box 130 Nedlands 9346-7262 Open group for all categories of anxiety disorders.
Web Site:
E- mail:
Traumatic Stress Recovery Association Inc Suite 3 / 4 Ventnor Ave, West Perth 6005 9332-9777 Provides information, counselling and support groups.
Web Site:
E- mail:
W. I. S. H Box 8140
Perth Business Centre. WA 6849
9228-4488 Provides support and assistance to self- help groups.

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