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These services are generally clinics attached to public hospitals and part of their function is to offer consultation, diagnosis, and treatment, by health professionals, for people experiencing anxiety disorders. The service is only provided for people living in the locality defined by the postcode. The services provided are free of charge. Referral is preferably through a GP but self- referral is acceptable. They operate on a team model. Referrals are jointly discussed then allocated to the appropriate mental health professional (eg. psychologist, nurse, and psychiatrist). In general they all see clients seriously disabled by anxiety disorders as their core business is with serious mental illness.
Organisation Address Tel Remarks
Alma Street Centre – Fremantle Hospital Alma Street, Fremantle 6061 9432-3440  
Armadale Health Service 3056 Albany Highway, Armadale 6112 9391-2400  
Avro Clinic 2 Nicholson Road, Subiaco 6008 9381-9055  
Inner City Mental Health Service Wellington Street, Perth.
Royal Perth Hospital 6000
Joondalup Community Mental Health Regents Park, Joondalup. 6027 9400-9599  
Mills Mental Health Service Mills Street, Bentley. 6102 9334-3666  
Mirrabooka Clinic 20 Chesterfield Road, Mirrabooka. 6061 9344-5400  
North Metropolitan Health Service Osborne Place, Stirling. 6021 9346-8350  
Peel Health Services Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah. 6210 9535-8722  
Rockingham Kwinana Community Psychiatric Service Peel Court, Kwinana. 6167 9419-2800  
Seniors Mental Health Service Swan Adult Mental Health Centre Eveline Road, Middle Swan. 6056 9347-5540  
Western Australian Institute of Psychotherapy Research Wellington Street, Perth.
Royal Perth Hospital. 6000


The following list represents an assortment of organisations, which fall outside the range of categories covered in this Directory. Amongst other services, these organisations offer some form of treatment for people experiencing anxiety disorders. In general, referral is self initiated and costs either minimal or significantly lower than other private providers.
Organisation Address Tel Remarks
Clareville Life Enrichment Centre 4 Monmouth Street, Mt Lawley 6050 9328-6272 Christian values and ethics
GROW Beaufort Street, Perth 6000 9328-3344 Personal growth


Services related directly to the special needs of women operate in various suburbs or in conjunction with community centres. The types of services available vary, but there is generally a provision to consult with health professional on anxiety and stress related disorders. Membership fees are nominal.
Organisation Address Tel Remarks
Fremantle Women’s Health Centre 114 South Street, Fremantle 6160 9430-4545 Women only
Gosnells Women’s Health Service 59 Wheatley Street, Gosnells 6110 9490-2258 Women only
Women’s Health Care House 100 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge 6003 9227-8122 Women only
Women’s Healthworks Unit 6 - 70 Davidson Terrace, Joondalup 6027 9300-1566 Women only

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