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The Psychology Departments of most universities offer individual and group programs for students and the general public. These programs are generally conducted by post- graduate students under supervision of trained psychologists. Most of the programs incorporate a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy component. Fees are nominal. Referral may be through a health professional or self- initiated.
Organisation Address Tel Remarks
Curtin University of Technology Psychology Department Building 401, Kent Street, Bentley 6102 9351-3436 Includes programs for children
Edith Cowan University Joondalup House
8 Davidson Terrace, Joondalup 6027
9301-0011 Includes programs for children
Murdoch University Murdoch Applied Psychology Clinic
South Street, Murdoch 6150
University of Western Australia. (UWA) The Robin Winkler Clinic
UWA. Stirling Highway, Nedlands 6009
9380-2644 Includes programs for children


The General Practitioner is the local or family doctor who people visit when they feel physically unwell or are experiencing signs of stress, anxiety or depression. GPs generally do not specialise in the treatment of anxiety disorders although their experience gained in general practice should ensure that their patient is presented with a range of treatment options, which my include counselling and/ or medication. If the GP does not have the special skills to manage anxiety disorders they will be aware to whom the patient can be referred, in order to receive appropriate management. GPs can also investigate symptoms to exclude physical disease. This alone assists in diminishing anxiety. Please refer to the article in this Directory, which deals with the relationship between GP and patient.

Due to the diverse nature of a GPs role, and because they generally see patients for all their health problems. Few advertise that they have a special interest in treatment of anxiety disorders or any other form of mental disorder. The GPs in this Directory have indicated a special interest in anxiety disorders, but people should feel comfortable to discuss anxiety symptoms with their own GP.

Specialised Areas Legend

GAD = Generalised Anxiety Disorder PD = Panic Disorder A = Agoraphobia SA = Social Anxiety
OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder SP = Specific Phobia PTSD = Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ADS = Acute Stress
Area Dr Name Address Tel Remarks Specialised Area
Fremantle  Dr Sandra Parsons 203 High Street, Fremantle 6160 9336-4744   GAD, PA, A, SA, PTSD
Gooseberry Hill Dr Peter Durey Hills Family Medical Practice
169 Railway Road, Gooseberry Hill 6076
9257-1121   GAD, PA, SA, PTSD
Kalamunda Dr D Garragher Mead Medical Centre
12 Mead Street, Kalamunda 6076
9293-4455   GAD, PA, SA
Maddington Dr Beverley Crisp 9 Blackburn Street, Maddington 6109 9459-9788   GAD, PA, A, SA, OCD, PTSD
Wanneroo Dr G Dawson Kingsway Medical Centre
Crn Hepburn Ave & Wanneroo Road, Wanneroo 6065
9409-1155   GAD
Warnbro Dr Kaye Miller Palm Springs Medical Centre
3 Halliburton Drive, Warnbro 6169
9593-2033   GAD, PA, A

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