This web site was last updated on the
 06 July 2004

Please Note!
On the 19th June we moved to a new premises and our contact telephone number has changed.

Our new address is;-
The Centre For Neurological Support - The Niche,
Suite B, No 11 Aberdare Road,
Nedlands 6009

Please also Note!
PADAWA changed its name to ASHA as from the 1st January 2003

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(Formally PADAWA)

ASHA - The Niche,
Suite B, No 11 Aberdare Road, Nedlands 6009

Phone  (08) 9346 7262
Fax      (08) 9346 7534

ASHA is a voluntary, non-profit self-help organisation,
which was founded in 1995 and was previously known as PADAWA.
Although primarily established to assist people with Panic disorders,
ASHA has many members suffering from other types of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders refer to a group of disorders, which are characterised by an unwarranted increase in anxiety levels. It is estimated that anxiety disorders affect 12 percent of the population. Research has yet to establish the cause of anxiety disorders and treatment ranges from cognitive behavioural therapy to medication that selectively blocks presynaptic neuronal reuptake of serotonin. It is fairly common for people with other disabilitating disorders to develop anxiety disorders as a secondary condition.

Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life for sufferers of anxiety disorders.


  • To provide a forum where people with anxiety disorders can meet

  • To promote and protect the rights of people with anxiety disorders

  • To provide information and support for families and supporters of those suffering from anxiety disorders

  • To raise public awareness and education regarding the extent and problems associated with anxiety

  • To Liaise with health professionals in order to expand treatment facilities

  • To promote research and collection of data related to anxiety disorders

  • To act as advocates and lobby on behalf of people suffering from anxiety disorders.

Services Provided:

  • Fortnightly Meetings

  • Guest Speakers

  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Phone Link

  • Biannual Workshops

  • Library


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