Some people with Panic Disorder can be predisposed to having panic attacks in certain situations or places, although they are not frightened of the situation or place. For example;- someone may experience panic attacks while driving their car. Sometimes they will have them, other times they won't. They are predisposed to having attacks while driving, but the attacks are not a response to a fear of driving.


Anxiety Disorders were recognised in 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association. Before this recognition, people experiencing any one of these disorders usually received a generic diagnosis of 'stress'. As there was no understanding of the disorders by the Health Professionals, very few people received effective treatment. Since 1980 international research has shown severe disabilities associated to these disorders. In future most of these disabilities can be prevented with early diagnosis and effective treatment.


Stephen Giles - Web Master

I will be 45 this year and was diagnosed at the age of 24 of having Panic/Anxiety attacks.  They believed these attacks where brought about when a school teacher (he was suspended), held me underwater during a swimming lesson because I wouldn't dive in, I was eight years old at the time.

When I entered high school, I ended up being bullied for a period of four years before the teachers at the school discovered what was happening to me, this also made my parents aware of the bullying. My father never spoke to me about those events until I was about 26. He wasn't even aware that I suffered panic/anxiety attacks until the following event happened.

Three years ago I collapsed during a severe panic attack (someone tried running down my son and attacked my family), I was rushed into hospital as the ambulance people suspected I had a heart attack, they gave me oxygen on the way to hospital, which of course made my situation worse. When I collapsed my head hit the floor quite hard, unknown to me at the time this caused internal damage to my sensory organs in my right ear. After one and a half years of being in and out of hospital, having severe dizzy spells (not knowing up from down), and seeing specialists, I was diagnosed as having Meniere's disease.

The Meniere's combined with panic and anxiety did not help me, I suffered deep depression and shut myself off from the world, if it hadn't been for my wife and children I may have given up.

Although I still suffer from panic/anxiety attacks and the Meniere's I am currently getting my life back on track. This has been done by taking a real good look at myself and my family and realising how lucky I am, I'm still alive, reasonably healthy, my children and wife are healthy and still love me for who I am. Who could ask for more.

I also no longer ask why, but what can I do, how am I going to do it and finally, when am I going to put this plan into action.


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